Thursday, 31 May 2012

Too busy or can't be bothered to do your own ironing? Then I will do your ironing for you!

Quoted at £10 per 5kg of laundry. Extra for Bedding large /delicate items (See pricing guide below). 

Customer Pick Up and Drop off, as I can't drive. 

Please email me @ or call on 07541806829 and arrange your drop off. 24-48 hour turn around for you to collect. 

No one likes ironing so why do it yourself!!!

I provide a domestic, friendly, ironing service with quick turn around and notification and has ironing board and iron on site. 

Ironing Sucks! Domestic Ironing Service (Tamworth) has an expanding customer base, located in the local area, including busy professional men and women, over worked wives/ mothers, couples with large families, people with little time on their hands for laundry. Ironing Sucks! has an expanding customer base, located in the local Tamworth area, 

I'm a mad, friendly, housewife ensuring clients do not have to fit the most hated of chores: ironing, into their busy lifestyle. My service is intended to be of convenience and ease with customer collect and drop off every time. Will happily call, email or TXT you for notification of when your laundry is read to pick up.


General Clothes Shirts, blouses, pillow cases, skirts etc Works out to £2/kg for first 10kgs
then £5/kg after that

Bedding (Excluding Pillow Cases) and Table cloths £4 per item for single and double sides 
Queen and King Size bedding £9 per item (excluding pillow cases)

Delicates: Quoted by item depending on the requirements of the items.